• Re-designed chimney and thread so you no longer have to loosen the 510 pin
  • Solid brass construction with 4 x 24K gold plating
  • Elegantly placed CZ stone in the center of the deck
  • Knurled adjustable airflow ring
  • Slightly larger postless deck for better build characteristics
  • Improved wicking holes for less likelihood of leaks and ease of wicking
  • Open tank design for easier filling
  • Larger tank capacity for more hours of enjoyment
  • Comes with 2 drip tips (one is Ultem)
  • 1* Petri V2
  • 1* 替换滴嘴
  • 1* 一对发热丝
  • 1* 替换胶圈
  • 1* 编号卡



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